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Founded in 2011, we boast extensive expertise in the production, export, and transportation of plastic film production.
Over the years, we have cultivated long-standing partnerships with numerous renowned enterprises in China. Our export reach spans across diverse countries and regions, including South America, Africa, and Europe. Simultaneously, we remain dedicated to exploring new frontiers in manufacturing, constantly expanding our portfolio of production capabilities.
high performance,High Quality.

Paint protection film, car wrap film, and window tint film are three common types of films used in the field of modern automotive aesthetics and protection. They play important roles in enhancing the appearance of vehicles, protecting the paintwork, and improving the driving experience.Paint protection film, also known as clear bra or protective film, is a transparent polyurethane material that can be applied to the surface of a car to form a protective layer. It offers excellent resistance to wear, scratches, and contaminants, effectively shielding the paintwork from everyday abrasions, stone chips, UV radiation, and chemical damage.

Car wrap film is a thin film product that allows for a change in the color of the vehicle's exterior. It can cover or alter the original color, enabling customization and exterior refurbishment. Car wrap films are typically made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), offering excellent flexibility and durability.

Window tint film is a film applied to automotive glass. It provides functions such as heat insulation, UV blocking, and glare reduction. Window tint film effectively blocks the intrusion of UV rays, lowers the interior temperature, reduces the load on the air conditioning system, and enhances passenger comfort.

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